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Thank you to Raycon for the charity sponsor!! Check them out at and use code: « GIBI » for 15% ~ Please Open Me for more info, timestamps, etc. long description and you don’t want to miss it!

HELLO – where do I start. Firstly – this is an EXTRA VIDEO this week, which is why I’m posting on a Monday! Regular posting Tuesday, Thurs, Saturday this week as well 🙂 Raycon asked if I wanted an extra slot and I said yes – so we’re donating the sponsor funds to charity! This was a really quick turnaround (I had this video set for a later date) so I’m not sure what charity yet, but I’ll update you guys and post about it on Twitter – so thanks Raycon and thanks guys for watching an extra upload this week, especially because it’s so different HAHAHA

I did a whole part of the Fire Safety scene of The Office and unfortunately the footage is blocked from viewing! If you aren’t from USA/Canada, can you guys see it? I had to snip it out in order to make the video live 🙁 HOWEVER – I posted the clip on INSTAGRAM so you can check it out HERE:

So, apologies the video is so short 🙁 I wanted it to at least be ten minutes, but this took me sooooOOOO MUCH LONGER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD
I’m like ez pz right? WRONG this shiz was so time consuming, I wanted to do like 5 more scenes! T_T It was so much fun!!

So anyway, watch the extra Office clip if you found this funny/entertaining, enjoy this extra upload, Raycon rocks for assisting me in donating to a TBD charity (i might split it between a few because I’m undecided), life’s good, go ASMR. Goodnight y’all!! I hope this gives you a laugh!

0:00 Star Wars
0:09 Our lovely sponsor Raycon!
1:42 My intro
1:59 Peppa Pig
3:01 Harry Potter
3:43 Mean Girls
5:41 Shrek
X:XX The Office (this was blocked on YouTube!!! Please go check it out at:

Love Gibi ~

PS I put a Harry Potter clip in this and then JK Rowling went and made a huge butt of herself on twitter so TRANS RIGHTS, trans women are women, have a safe and happy Pride!!!!!

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