Gibi ASMR Yule Log | Fancy Party Ambiance

Ahhhh, these billionaire parties are such a drag sometimes. I have to sneak away just in hopes to get a few chapters of my book read… Come join me! You seem like good company.
*Please read the whole description!!!!!*

I wanted to do this video for SOO LONGGG OMG I have a few of these kinds of ideas — videos that I want to pull off SO badly that I keep putting them off until It’s Time… and friends, it was Time. I couldn’t have done this with the help of ASMR Rooms (Claire!) and Vest, so let me give them some props 🙂

ASMR ROOMS!! CHECK HER OUTTT if you haven’t! She is such a master of ambiance and the coziest, most magical videos! I’ve been a big fan of her channel for a long time and I was so happy that she was down to work with me on this! She did some color correcting, footage fixing, and of COURSE — all the music picking, sound effects and mixing!! She transformed this video into exactly what I was picturing, and I am SO thankful! So give her some well deserved love, and sub to her channel! 🙂–9PlQ74JVIEmw

And a massive thank you to VEST for SAVING THIS VIDEO AFTER A HUGE CAMERA MISHAP and omg the autofocus literally ruined it and he FIXED IT and I didnt have to reshoot it and omg ;0; YOU THE MAN, VEST

This video is directly inspired by the Nick Offerman Yule Log!! But I decided it would be a little creepy of me to just sit there and stare at you ehehe so I made it more of a traditional gibi video mixed together with a yule log one 😀

Music used (purchased for legal copyright use!)
Luxury Lounge Slow Jazz – Composed by Calle Frögård
Jazz – Autumn No 02 – Slow Jazz with Sax – Composed by Jim Madsen
Jazz Ballad – Soulful Sax No 2 – Composed by Jim Madsen
Jazz Quartet – Early Evening – Composed by Jim Madsen
All from !

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