Gibi ASMR Mouth Sounds Compilation 2

(NOTE: I’m having a SUBATHON this Friday on Twitch, 18 hour stream! More details in description box.)
Yaaay thank you again to for putting this together!!! I feel like I should honestly do more compilations of your guys’ favorite sounds, since its hard to do the same one for a full video length’s worth, so let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to put together 🙂 Plus I’m working on a video that’s a choose-your-own adventure type style so I need to not film as much LOL.

Enjoy, sleep well, and thanks so much for watching.

Start time: Friday, September 18th. 7amPT/10am ET
I figured I’d put this info here and on Thursday’s vid as well..!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitch, it’s a livestreaming platform that I stream on 3 times a week! On Twitch, a subscription is usually $4.99 a month (or free if you have Amazon Prime!) but for the month of September, it’s discounted! 20% off one month, 25% off three months, and 30% off 6 months! So if you’ve ever wanted to get into Twitch and hang out in my streams, now is literally the best time! Subscribers to my channel have no ads, a TON of awesome Gibi emotes, you’re a part of sub-only giveaways, and you unlock a sub-only role and room in my Discord!

So on Friday, I’m doing what’s called a SUBATHON! For every subscription (or gifted subscription, from one community member to another), I will stream for 1 more minute, for a maximum of 18 HOURS. That means my goal is 1080 subscribers! I made a bunch of milestone challenges/goals to hit to keep the party goin’, and if we hit 1000 subs, I have another round of stretch goals that are secret for now…but hilarious. Trust me.

I’ll share the goals/promo graphic on my Community tab and my YouTube story, it’s also pinned on my Twitter and in my Instagram stories, and on my Discord Announcements tab. So, long story short, come hang, subscribe for a sweet discount, and join the giblets!! (Yes, you’re called the giblets…) Hope to see you there!
Start time: Friday, September 18th. 7amPT/10am ET

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