You can’t get enough of these DRY ICE TINGLES. ASMR Zeitgeist presents one of his ice cold trigger classics. The perfect ASMR to chill and relax to. If you want to fall asleep to these sounds, check out the long video on my channel. Just search for ASMR Zeitgeist and Ice.

Enjoy with headphones or earbuds to fully experience the binaural sounds. ASMR describes a pleasant physical sensation triggered by various stimuli. Popular triggers are soft voices and whispers but also sounds like tapping, scratching, brushing, or crinkle sounds. Personal attention scenarios are popular, too, like receiving professional ear cleaning or a haircut. Slime and Mukbang ASMR are hugely popular subcategories in the ASMR community. Videos like this are supposed to help you sleep, relax, study, focus, and, most importantly, give you some pleasant ASMR tingles.

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