ASMR Train ♥ If You Like Your HEARTY SEATMATE ♥ АСМР Поезд – Попутчица

3 years ago I made my first Train Conductor video and a lot of people commended video and requested about a part 2. You know I do not like to repeat myself, so today I will share with you another hearty sensation wich you can have only in journeys in open carriages on long-distance trains )) That is a typical Russian train . Could you imagine that to certain destinations people can drive to 7 days! Every summer I went for 3 days to my Grandma when I was a kid .This is like a little life when you become close to other passengers . This is suppose to be very comforting and boring (in a good meaning) video where I tried to share you this elusive sensation and to warm yout heart))

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