ASMR | Top Blue Yeti Triggers 💙 Extreme Close Up Whispering, Brushing, More!

All the way to the TOP baby!! Lookin for some timestamps and will pin the first one I see!!! Thank you :’) This video contains mic touching and brushing with AND WITHOUT the wind guard, tapping, mouth sounds, finger flutters, and close up whispers!!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and enjoy 🙂 I really do love the Blue Yeti. I get asked so often what mic I recommend!!! I should probably…tell them how much I love their microphone…. but it’s great for beginners because its 1. A USB mic 2. has great settings 3. you can plug your headphones in SO easily to hear yourself (a great thing for beginners)!! Alright. Enough chat! Enjoy 🙂

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