ASMR Tapping You (4K 60fps, Face Tapping, Hand Movements with MJ Gloves and Cosplay✨)

00:01 preview
01:36 MJ gloves
13:23 breathing and handmovements with MJ gloves
19:49 suuuper long nails
26:05 crinkle face touching & little breathing (I missed to put it in preview :0)
30:06 4 smart phone pens
36:46 silkworm cocoon
40:12 wooden beads
46:54 infinity stones
51:16 white pearls
55:39 colored buttons
58:08 still beads

Hi! and the new video is face tapping & hand movements with beads, long nails, MJ’s gloves and Billie Jean Cosplay! XD
Awww It’s too late Thanks for your patience. 🙂 Thanks so much for supporting and watching!
#ASMR #MichaelJackon #ASMRTapping

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