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Ok I made one more video for you guys at my desk so I could tap a little more on my laptop for you, but this time I decided to tap on lost of random items all around my desk as well. Some of you asked if this was a different camera…..yes, it’s literally just my phone that I am filming on here 😉

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I’m frequently asked about the items I use to film my ASMR videos, so here are some links!

Zoom Recorder:

Audio Connector:

Eneloop batteries:

Memory Cards:

Hard Drive:

Small Tripod (I use the small one for most videos I film):

Large Tripod (if you’re looking for a better quality and sturdier tripod this is the one I use if I’m filming outside or something like that):

Tripod Head:

1) HF M301 (This is an older camera, but it’s the one I use to film most of my videos):

2) HF M50 (If you’re looking for a newer camera, we have experience with this one and like it):

3) Panasonic HC-VX981K (Or…if you’re looking for something really great, here is a 4k Camera that we have experience with):

This video isn’t sponsored. The link/s above are affiliate links though…they provide me a small commission which is one way to support the channel! Thanks so much you guys!

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