ASMR Stippling You to Sleep (Slow, Fast, Mixed) ♥️ BLUE YETI PRO

#ASMR #Stipple #Tingles ✨ Hey there my sleepy friends 🙂 I hope you’re doing very well. This video includes lofi whispering with the blue yeti, slow/fast/mixed ~stipple stippling~, and the fluffy heavenly luxe brush. I hope you enjoy the change of pace from the no talking trigger assortments I’ve been making lately 🙂 Also, thank you to everyone who entered a vote on the kind of content you enjoy most/want to see more of on my channel! If you have not voted, you still can if ya want at 🙂 Thank you for watching 💜

00:00 Rambly whispered hello 🐻
07:00 Slow stippling
14:06 Fast stippling
22:18 Mixed pace stippling

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