ASMR Soft & Sleepy Ear Blowing and Breathing Triggers for Relaxation (Layers) 🌬️👂

Hi my loves! This video includes varied breathing sounds, deep breathing, short ear blowing, long ear ear blowing, « window fogging » breathing, etc. I added layering as well to make the sounds a bit more rich and full 🙂 I hope this makes you feel comfortable and relaxed~ Thank you for watching! 💜 xoxo, Caroline #ASMR #Sleep

00:00 Preview of sounds 🎧
01:23 Shooting star sound 🌠
08:24 Short/quick ear blowing 💨
16:10 Deep breathing 🧘
23:46 Defrosting you/ »window fogging » breathing 🧊
32:23 Ear blowing 🌬️👂
39:47 Soft blanket over your ears 💤

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