ASMR Relaxing Sleep Treatment feat. My Husband 💑

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Hi! 🤗 I have a sleepy guest to introduce to you in tonight’s video ~ my husband Markus who moved to the US with me from Germany :’) I bought a pair of in ear microphones to test out in this video and they’re placed in his ears, so if you wear headphones you will hear true binaural sound! These microphones are very tiny and have a higher level of self noise, so I consider this a lofi video, but I hope you find it relaxing! Markus was nodding off to sleep throughout the entire video and went off to take a nap afterwards lol (that little head drop at 21:10 :P). Thank you for watching and enjoy!~

Time stamps

00:00 Sequin face mask scratching
00:30 Whispered intro (no talking after this)
02:54 Ear massage, beard scratching
05:45 Shoulder massage, shirt sounds
06:44 Ear massage, beard scratching
07:45 Feather ear picking, gentle shirt sounds
11:00 Ear cupping, beard scratching, shoulder massage
13:00 Ear brushing
18:32 Fluffy earmuffs
23:30 Hair brushing with detangler, beard scratching
30:16 Tuning fork, shirt sounds
34:04 Cork scratching
37:10 Mortar and pestle
39:57 Shoulder massage, shirt sounds
41:22 Hair trim (don’t worry, I gave him a proper haircut later lol :’))

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