ASMR Q&A – Pure Whispering (Up Close, Ear to Ear)

Time for a new whispered Q&A! Timestamps & questions:
00:00 – intro
01:05 – what’s your nationality
01:14 – can you skateboard
01:26 – do you believe in ghosts
02:05 – what do you do besides YouTube
06:04 – do you have any goals/NY resolutions
07:52 – how’s your writing doing
08:56 – do you have a fav place for traveling
13:07 – what’s it like living in Russia
17:20 – what ASMR do you watch
18:44 – how many eyeglasses do you own
20:34 – fav author and book
20:59 – how’s your corgi doing
23:31 – if you could live somewhere else, where would it be
23:58 – do you play videogames
25:21 – why did you start recording ASMR
25:47 – what’s your fav ASMR trigger
26:37 – who inspired you to start ASMR
27:08 – what’s your zodiac sign
28:14 – has your love for ASMR come back
29:16 – what’s your fav ASMRtist
30:00 – what’s the song you find most comforting
30:18 – how have you been
31:01 – what are your career goals
32:04 – how have you been feling lately
32:35 – what preoccupies huge time of your day
34:27 – video creativity and other creative stuff, do you miss office
37:04 – collab plans
37:52 – are you happy with how far you’ve come with your ASMR
38:47 – what keeps you motivated when feeling low

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