ASMR – Pure unIntelligible whispering.

So this video is inspired from my streams! I have decided that I want to learn the basics better! I know this video isn’t so good yet and I’ll have to learn a lot to make these kind of videos as effective as they can be! I actually believe that ASMR, if done right, doesn’t have to be produces super fancy to work very well! One should be able to make simple videos that are very effective ASMR! And I think I’ve been always hiding from that as I am not most talented for ASMR myself and so my basics in ASMR aren’t very good. But I will try to learn these things now! What I may lack in talent I don’t want to lack in will and I really want to try to make things more tingly!
I hope you’ll enjoy the way there with me! I know some of you may think i am not trying my best, I see that a lot in the comments and of course words alone can not convince you otherwise! I am actuaklly sad that my videos give off this impression cause I am trying to learn and make things new and better. But I can understand this. i can try as much as I want, if the videos don’t look like it then it’s still something I’ve missed. I hope though that I will have improvement as ASMRtist over time and you will be able to start trust my content more by experience!
I hope though you’ll still enjoy this uninteligible whispering ASMR!
Love you!
Your Pelagea!

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