ASMR – Pure Breathy Whispered Art Appreciation on iPad (Daily Art App 23-2-21)

I have been MASSIVELY inspired by these two ASMRtists who do iPad ASMR style videos like this. Destiny Whispers – and Galaxy ASMR –

What did you think of this style ASMR? Would you like to see more? I know its not the ‘high quality’ role-plays’ you are used to, and these may not get many views….BUT personally, I LOVE these close whispered lo-fi style ASMR videos which include learning, writing, history, art and technology. This was pretty simple(ish) for me to do in my free time as, I’ve hooked up my Blue Yeti to my iPhone 11, instead of my huge elaborate setup. So I ‘could’, in theory, make these daily……let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea!

Daily Art App –
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