ASMR Memory Removal / REIKI Plucking

A brand new trigger tool, and a newly imagined « Red Pill and Blue Pill » memory eraser. Do you want me to help you relive those unsettling memories and pluck/remove them, or do you wish to keep them, and live with them in contented ignorance yet still suffer from the negative effects of traumatic memories/experiences.
The terms « red pill » and « blue pill » refer to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth, by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. The terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix.
Please let me know if you like these wood blade chop sticks and would like me to use them in a future video, and which triggers I did appeal to you the most? I know which ones I liked the most, but I am curious which ones you preferred? I added the « CAMP ASMR » shirt, and several other new items to my Tee Spring Store, so check that out if you’re interested. CAMP ASMR is coming in July, 2021.

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Filmed on my Sony a5100 camera with a 35mm prime lens at 60fps.
The introduction animation was by :
Open Animation by Sam Mercer
Sam has also started his own Youtube channel to promote his work at:​…
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The intro music was by Jason Shaw of
Used with full permission.
Episode 154: Thunderstorm on the Beach ASMR Podcast, audio only, free to download. Please rate and share. Thanks.

In The Matrix, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. The red pill represents an uncertain future—it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream world and allow him to escape into the real world, but living the « truth of reality » is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill represents a beautiful prison—it would lead him back to ignorance, living in confined comfort without want or fear within the simulated reality of the Matrix. As described by Morpheus: « You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. » Neo chooses the red pill and joins the rebellion.

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