ASMR – I’m gonna be yours today ♥

I love you and I hope very much you’ll like this video!
EDIT: so TrashPanda said the description to this video is terrible cause non existent! I mean.. i do have a cute one but it seems not to be enough! SO I am going to fabricate one now! You know, when I started doing English videos i thought I am not going to be able to speak well enough – and actually I wasn’t. Then when i would write descritions i was sooo surprised that it actually did work! I managed to fabricate a text! How crazy is that?! And i made long ones and was excited for having a long English text written all by myself! Though i did translate some words with google translater but that is not the point! :triumph:
So now i am at a point where i don’t need a translator and writing in english feels normal and I don’t have to spend so much time to write a description anymore (thoug my grammatics and whatsover is still terrible but that’s not the point again :Suspiciousfish: ) The point is that now that I can do it easier they get shorter! Might it be that I have less to say now? I don’t know… I do know that right now i am just bubbling nonsense cause TP said « write one! » and he is like a big brother to me so gotta listen!
Doesn’t mean I agree with him there though :snickeringpika:

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