ASMR for Hurt & Sadness | Reiki Healing Ritual

A mix of healing modalities which I summarize as a reiki healing ritual for overcoming hurt which is ultimately linked in with the feeling of sadness and associates feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, etc. I will do a whole other video on the subject of emotions and setting boundaries as well as core beliefs to help you understand this concept completely.

00:00 – 06:15 Introduction to Hurt Sadness Reiki Work
06:20 – 12:50 Rose Petals Oil with Peony Bergamot Apricot and Almond
12:55 – 16:35 Healing Hands Movements
16:40 – 25:30 Rose Quartz Roller over Believe Plaque
25:35 – 36:10 Writing Negative thinking Words to Release them away
36:15 – 44:10 Tarot Reading fortune telling
44:15 – 49:05 Rainbow Fluorite Meditation Energy

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