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It’s late where you are! Time zones are messing with your sleep schedule. No fear, I always have my phone on me! Let me bore you a bit with my day and see if that will calm you down a bit enough to sleep. 🙂

The sale for the posters is real btw!!! This video isn’t officially sponsored but I did want to take this Sponsored Saturday slot to promote the GIBI DISPLATE art!!!!
Go to and use code SUMMER30, it’s their biggest sale for a while so please check out the Daisy and Lorelei prints!! ^_^
I hope you like them! They’re AWESOME to change out, don’t need a frame, don’t ruin your walls, and Displate plants 10 trees per EACH ONE sold! ;-; I love promoting them AND decorating with them, and I hope you enjoy!

Watch this on your phone in full screen to get the effect! It was…VERY trippy watching this video myself…. x)

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Sleep well!! Sorry this one is late tonight ;-; We just got new neighbors (start of a new month!) and everything’s been quite loud. Videos miiiight come on Wednesday and Friday this week! But we’re going to hit 2 million!!! AHH!!! I’ll livestream the countdown when we get close! Unreal. Thank you for watching. 🙂

🎵I’m now on Spotify! Listen while your phone is off 🙂

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