ASMR Dr. Lil Answering Your Advice Questions (Sexuality, Self Love, BFFs)

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Talking to Stranger, Malcolm Gladwell; So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo; Get Your Sh*t Together, Sarah Knight.

Advice Questions:
– Do you have advice for making friends in a new city?
– What do you think is the healthy line drawn between reminiscing/being nostalgic and living in the past? I feel like w covid and quarantine I don’t know if looking at old pictures of good times is helpful or damaging?
– How do you start loving yourself? Physically, mentally? How and what should I be doing so I can truly love myself in my mind, body and soul?
– I have a friend who’s basically not spoken of anything BLM related. She shared a friends black out post but other than that I’ve only heard her say “That’s so sad, but rioting isn’t good either” = consumes black culture and speaks in AAVE. I’m not sure how to even approach her about it. She’s 27. I’m not sure what to say to her or if it’s even worth saying something when I am pretty sure she wouldn’t get it. How would you approach her?
– I want to do a video on mental health. As someone struggling and getting help right now I want to bring more light to it. Your ideas would be amazing.
– Is it okay to ask a boy out? And how can you do that if you don’t know each other that well and if you have only one place where you meet each other?
– How do you know when you’ve outgrown a friend group? Also how do you get over not receiving closure when leaving said friend group?
– How do you get a guy to take you seriously if you two started out as a bootycall but then you realize that you two have a legit connection and start to catch feelings?
– How to stop thinking about the person my fiance cheated on me with. I can’t stop picturing them together and breaking my own heart in the process.
– TMI but I’m so insecure of my private area and I didn’t know if there was something I could do to make the smell healthier?
– I’m known to have intense relationships with men and at the beginning of the year finally became single with no desire to be in a new relationship. I am now practicing self love and would like to pursue more casual relationships. How do I go about this without getting intense or serious? I’ve never done online dating and tinder makes me anxious. I want to explore my sexuality more.
– I am deeply in love with my BFF but he has a girlfriend. How can I keep the friendship without hurting myself? Because this makes me feel sad and unloved, like it’s my fault.
– I was in an 8 year relationship and although I’m not sad about us parting ways, I’m more lost on how to live my life alone.
– Have you ever had issues with fear of intimacy? Physical and/or emotional? How does one deal with being terrified of vulnerability with another person?
– I’ve been with my bf, now fiance, for 2 years. We just moved in together but something happened in my life that made me question my sexuality. I came out to him as a bi a week ago but am starting to think I might be a lesbian. What would you do if you were in my place?
– What do you think about polyamory and open relationships? Do you think they can work?
– Have you ever been on and off with someone? What advice would you give to someone who misses their ex, but their ex has blocked them on everything? (Tips for moving on)
– How do I get a boy to want to kiss me?
– How do you get over someone?
– How do I stop being jealous of my friends who are in relationships?
– Any advice on dealing with rejection from colleges and stress about the application process? I’m trying to figure out what to write my essay about.
– Last one is juicy and too long to write here 😉

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