ASMR | Dark & Relaxing Whispering, Tapping, Scratching ~ Making You Tingle

Hello all 🙂 I had some really great items laying around that were just begging to be used in a trigger compilation video so let’s do it!! As always, queen of rambles; so if you don’t enjoy talking videos this might not be the one for you…!! But if you do, oh boy I don’t stop!

sleep well, all 🙂

0:00 – Intro
1:11 – Lime Juice Container
4:14 – Coca-Cola Can
6:40 – Wyrmwood Gaming Box
10:33 – Wyrmwood Coaster (Thank you Wyrmwood for the gift!!! You spoil me!)
11:41 – Gfuel Tub (use code « GIBI » uwu)
13:58 – Garlic Bulb
16:10 – Lentils Package
18:30 – Plastic Bowl
19:13 – Plastic Bowl & Lentils
20:29 – Toy Fabric Food
22:50 – Egg Carton & Plastic Eggs
25:57 – Leather Water Pouch
28:11 – Foam Vial Container
30:18 – Inflatable Tube Guy Box
32:33 – Inflatable Tube Guy Book & Reading
34:17 – LED Light Controller

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