ASMR Begone, thoughts! 🌬 Positive affirmations for sleep 🧽 Cleansing your aura

Bad thoughts have a way of taking over if we let them. 👾 So today, let’s try changing our perspective. Of course we will have gentle sounds and procedures to remove bad energies, but let’s try banishing those negative energies from within as well. If we truly appreciate ourselves, it will help us be kinder and happier. 💖 I did my part, so please tell me what you appreciate about yourself in the comments.
00:00 preview
00:56 let’s take a deep breath and begin
04:12 aura cleansing
07:39 burning bad energy with a candle
12:04 misting the aura
12:58 brushing with feathers
16:56 massage with ice globes
20:49 absorbing energy with sponge
22:18 combing energy out of hair
23:09 what we like about ourselves
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