ASMR 🍍 Relax your bananas🍌 Tropical Spa: gentle face cleansing and massage 🥥🦩🍉

Hey, there! I bet you could use a nice spa day. ✨ How about a visit to the beach? We will keep nice and cool during the whole session, and I will use the most comforting and relaxing products to make you feel refreshed and calm. Let’s go! 🏖
00:00 welcome to the tropical spa
00:30 shoulder massage with coconut lotion
02:06 face massage with feather
03:21 skin examination with gloves
04:52 face washing with coconut lotion
06:29 applying scrub for face
08:31 serum with vitamin C
09:37 massage with heat
10:23 watching the fire till sleep
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