ASMR ⬆️ An experiment to raise your ASMR up ⬆️ Experimental clinic for your tingles 👩‍🔬

Welcome back to the experimental clinic! 🥼 Today we will check out how sensitive you are to a variety of ASMR triggers and compare it to previous tests. But if it’s your first time, that’s no problem. It’s never too late to try something new!
00:00 welcome back to the experimental clinic
03:46 questionnaire
07:12 massage
09:54 massagers
14:11 medical examination
16:57 eye and ear examination
21:43 checking reflexes
22:37 ear cleaning
25:00 placing diodes for experiment
26:23 sounds of fire from candle
30:02 sounds of rubber ball
32:01 sounds of snow globes
34:57 sounds of spray bottle
36:45 aromatherapy petals
38:34 feather brushes
44:44 wooden brush
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