Area 51 Raid Naruto Run Alien ASMR

On September 20th, 2019, 100,00’s of americans will charge Area 51 at 3:30 AM and overwhelm the security there, to find out the reality of whether UFO’s or Alien’s are real. They can’t catch us all! Will you be brave enough to join the force and become part of history. The great Area 51 Naruto Run 2019!

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This video is dedicated to my dear friends, Peggy Liddell, Jennifer Dangle, and my dear Amy, Periwinkle ASMR. Remember , most People remember who they are at: if you can believe it.

The introduction animation was by :
Open Animation by Sam Mercer
Sam has also started his own Youtube channel to promote his work at:…
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The intro music was by Jason Shaw of at:…
Used with full permission.

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