3 HOURS of ASMR In The Dark – Slow and Delicate – For Study or Work – NO TALKING

02:50 – 1. ice bag with water (gentle liquid sounds, deep fabric crinkle)
11:37 – 2. heart shaped silicone sponges (silicone bristle sounds)
23:09 – 3. tissue paper (crinkles)
31:38 – 4. puffy faux leather document cover (sticky fingers, tapping, squishing)
36:31 – 5. harsh metal sponges (scratchy sounds)
40:59 – 6. matte plastic pouches (deep crinkling sound)
50:27 – 7. long bath sponges (scratchy sounds)
56:50 – 8. sparkly fan (deep fabric crinkles)
01:03:22 – 9. little dust sweepers (ear brushing on AKG mics)
01:06:40 – ear brushing on Pop mic and AKG
01:10:41 – 10. latex gloves (arranging a heap of gloves, putting on a pair)
01:12:02 – 10.1. sticky ear massage and ear touching on Pop mic (in gloves)
01:13:03 – 10.2. ear massage in gloves with Aloe gel (still on Pop mic)
01:19:05 – 11. slear slime (I wasn’t sure if the sounds turned out well, but I decided to include this section too as the slime itself was pretty visually appealing (sunset color&clear!) [and, after all, I didn’t wan’t to have suffered in vain]
01:22:31 – 12. bast sponge (it’s wood fiber. can you imagine scrubbing yourself with WOOD?? it’s pretty soft though)
01:29:42 – 13. lint roller (cleaning the table, sticky fingers)
01:32:00 – 14. cotton balls package (crinkling, cutting the pack open with scissors, then cotton ball sounds)
01:35:44 – 14.1. cotton balls on ears (soft ear massage)
01:41:44 – 15. sequin cloth (scratching and shiny visuals)
01:47:09 – 16. travel pillow (deep crinkle and velvet sounds)
01:52:30 – 17. sponges and water sounds
01:57:16 – 18. towel (wiping hands, fabric scratching, folding)
02:00:37 – 19. sticky glossy wallets (watermelon wallet too!) (sticky fingers and sticking the wallets together, very light tapping and quiet scratching on textures)
02:07:38 – 20. sparkly sheet in plastic package (crinkles, then gently scratching on the sparkly sheet texture, then tapping on the soft back side)
02:13:24 – 21. metal sponges (intense scratchy-squishy sound from ear to ear – almost like walking on snow)
02:16:53 – 22. faux snake skin sheet (scratching on texture with nails, pencil and pens, then soft fingetip touching on the back side)
02:21:38 – 23. pack of sparkly pom poms (crinkles and playing with pom poms, then at 02:22:07 – ear massage with pom poms on Pop mic)
02:32:28 – 24. dog toy – silicone ice cream (scratching on texture with pens and nails, lightly tapping, sticky fingers)
02:36:01 – 25. scrub sponges (silicone and plastic bristle sounds)
02:43:04 – 26. faux snake skin notebook (scratching on texture, sticky fingers, opening and page sounds)
02:53:58 – 27. ear brushing (tapping on wooden handles, harsh brushes on ears for intense tingles)

Don’t forget to put your headphones on to enjoy the 3D effect of the sounds!

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